BEPPE DOMENICI – Painter and Sculptor

Welcome to the online anthology website of tuscan painter and sculptor Beppe Domenici

Other works

Papier-Mache floats

Traditional allegorical animated papier-mache floats called ‘carri’ parade during the Carnival period, in Viareggio Italy. Maestro Beppe Domenici was one of the leading ‘Carri’ creator. Below a selection of his works.



Maestro Beppe Domenici worked on 1961’s feature film ‘Goliath Against the Giants’ for which he built a giant animated papier-mache Lizard monster. During his time at Cinecitta’ (Rome) he also collaborated with Carlo Rambaldi (designer of the E.T. and Aliens animatronics). For the inaugural Italian release of Star Wars Maestro Beppe Domenici was commissioned papier-mache droids.

Public Fountains

Maestro Beppe Domenici, designed and built ceramic fountains in his home town Viareggio. Below a selection of his works, The four seasons fountain (left) and the Mermaid fountain (right).