BEPPE DOMENICI – Painter and Sculptor

Welcome to the online anthology website of tuscan painter and sculptor Beppe Domenici

07/2011 – Exhibition ‘Ai limiti del cielo. Le Apuane di Beppe Domenici’

Viani Hall of the Prince of Piedmont 
Viareggio Versilia Congressi

from 23 July to 7 August 2011 
every day from 18.00 to 24.00

The exhibition At the limits of the sky The Apuane by Beppe Domenici organized by CulturArte Beppe Domenici, is curated by Maria Grazia Gherardini in collaboration with the daughter of the artist Gabriela Domenici.


Domenici, was born in Viareggio on April 5, 1924, an eclectic artist, sculptor, ceramist, magician of the papier-mâché of the famous Viareggio Carnival and many other peculiarities concerning the visual arts. For a certain period of his pictorial activity he dedicated himself to the iconography of the mountains dear to Michelangelo: the Apuan Alps, places that saw him as a painter, but also committed to the search for freedom and democracy, in fact in those peaks and valleys, left the brush and the palette, he held the musket and dressed himself in the partisan uniform. The event consists of a corpus of 40 paintings and 12 graphics, retrace the poetics expressed by the artist with love and commitment on the natural boundary that contains, on the east side, the mythical land of Versilia.