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Beppe Domenici event invitation, Saturday 29th September 21.00, Arkad Foundation, Seravezza, Italy

Stefano Pasquinucci interviews Gabriela Domenici, daughter of the versatile artist viareggino
Arkad Foundation – Artco Laboratory – Saturday 29 September 2018 at 21.
Painter, sculptor, engraver, magician of papier-mache, ceramist, set designer, caricaturist, designer … madly in love with the Apuan Alps. Ten years after his death, the multifaceted artist from Viareggio Beppe Domenici returns to Saturday 29 September at Seravezza in the penultimate event of the cycle that accompanies the exhibition “Cava” at the Arkad Foundation. Brilliant appointment, full of anecdotes and color, on the edge of a pyrotechnic career, characterized by the great love of Domenici for his land. A two-way interview between the journalist Stefano Pasquinucci and the daughter of the artist, Gabriela, which will also discuss the project by Alessandro Pasquinucci for the definition of an interactive tourist route linked to the countless artistic testimonies left by Beppe Domenici in Versilia. The meeting will start at 21, preceded at 7:30 pm by a refreshment. Free admission; booking advised by calling 0584 757034 or writing .At the center of the interview is the theme of the Apuan Alps, which Domenici traveled far and wide and which he painted on many occasions. “Beppe, my father, was fourteen years old when he first climbed from the volcano to Mosceta to continue to the Pania cross,” says his daughter Gabriela. “He fell in love with these mighty mountains, discovering hidden hollows of marble shimmering in the midday sun in the caverns, admiring at sunset the quarries of the red Vinca tinged with pink, walking up windy and shining ridges in contemplation of peaks, ridges, cliffs, canoni … He always carried a notepad and pencil “to take notes” as he used to say. He walked, then suddenly stopped and began to draw … without ever getting tired ».
Beppe Domenici, a twentieth-century artist strongly projected in the contemporary, will speak in the round, following the thousand trajectories of his career, during which he experimented languages ​​and forms of expression in the most diverse contexts, from carnival to the circus world, from film productions to interior design.The event is organized by the Arkad Foundation in collaboration with the Municipality of Seravezza and the Fondazione Terre Medicee as part of the celebrations for Michelangelo’s 500th anniversary in Versilia. On this occasion the exhibition “Cava” will be open to visitors: over 100 works by 78 different international artists (photographers, sculptors, painters, video artists, architects, designers) called to interpret the theme of the quarry in an artistic key, with the aim of enhance the indisputable beauty and charm of the marble mountains. the exhibition can be visited from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 13:00, Saturday and Sunday from 17:00 to 20:00 and by appointment (0584 757034).Seravezza, 24 September 2018Press Office Comune di Seravezza
Stefano Roni +39 335 7720573 | @ ufficiostampa common.


Beppe Domenici joins the “CAVA” Exhibition, Seravezza (Lu) Italy

The Arkad Foundation, for years a promoter of artistic and cultural activities, presents the exhibition “CAVA”, which can be visited in its gallery from 28 July to 28 October 2018.

Address:  Viale Leonetto Amadei, 358, 55047 Seravezza LU, Italy

The theme of the exhibition is the marble quarry seen as a work of art, to be admired and protected, with the aim of enhancing and appreciating the indisputable artistic beauty and the fascination always emanating from the mountains of marble. This vision will be given by artists from different fields (photographers, sculptors, painters, video artists, architects, designers, etc.) who will present an interpretation of the quarry filtered by their gaze.

September 29th the meeting dedicated to the discovery of the late artist and present in the exhibition Beppe Domenici .

Beppe Domenici joins the Italian Museo della Ceramica (Montelupo Fiorentino)

Beppe Domenici enters the Museum of Ceramics

On 3 June 2016 in Montelupo Fiorentino on the occasion of the Conference on “Il Blu di Montelupo” the splendid work “La Naiade” bas-relief in blue ceramic of Montelupo, has become part of the collections of the famous Museum of Ceramics of Montelupo Fiorentino.

Following the great interest aroused by the exhibition “Terra-Fuoco e la Passione” by the artist Beppe Domenici, curated by the art historian Claudio Giorgetti, exhibition that from London to Oslo has been a great success and that has ended its own process in the Tuscan town, homeland since the Etruscan age of ceramics processing.

The artist’s work has been museumized and can be admired today exposed together with the works of other great contemporary artists. The large bas-relief is an example of the mastery and sculptural ability of Beppe Domenici that articulates the space playing with the convexity and the lines slipped into a flattened relief in which the splendid multi-fired glazing gives a precious and indefinable luminescence that recalls the glazes Clunyacensi making its own all the plastic tradition that with the Great Historic Avant-gardes of the ‘900 concludes a journey begun in antiquity and that with the Robbiani friezes of the Renaissance finds the highest expression of the land of Tuscany. In this work Domenici transmits all his knowledge of ceramist, art learned working with Leger and Picasso in Vallauris and then continued in Albissola together with Lucio Fontana, Aligi Sassu, Lele Luzzatti, and then perfected in the technique of glazes in Montelupo. For the artist, therefore, it was like a “return home”.

The NAIADE by Beppe Domenici

09/2012 – Rievocation of the Miracle of the 8th September 1944

On the 8th of September, the anniversary of the liberation of the inhabitants of Massaciuccoli from the Nazi occupation occurs. The local population, in fact, was locked up in the Frantoio di Quiesa awaiting his death, but at dawn on 8 September he managed “miraculously” to save himself even after the bombing of Pisa that put the Germans on the run. However, the local population reminds us that this is also the date of the birth of the Virgin Mary and their salvation is thought to be due to their salvation; in fact the Nazis were not used to leaving traces of living memory during their retreat, as had happened. To mention local tragedies, in l’Aquilata or in the villa of the noble family Massarosa.
Since then, every year on this date, to commemorate the extraordinary event, a mass is celebrated inside the mill at 18.00 which always attracts a large number of participants, reflecting the intensity with which this event is still today remembered. Here we celebrate life, the light that has won over darkness. 
On this occasion Manuela Menici, a young Tuscan artist already selected for the Venice Biennale last year, will invite the participants, before the mass, to light a candle and to make a wish. Candles of different shapes and heights will create an imaginary landscape whose light will recall the idea of ​​spiritual enlightenment and the belief that the sacred is everywhere needed.
On the facade of the building will be placed the beautiful terracotta image of the ” Virgin on the throne ” (in the picture), which the artist  Beppe Domenici  created in the early 50s in his furnace ” Ceramica Viareggio ” This work was donated from the family fulfilling a wish of the father who wanted to be placed almost as an ex-voto in this place that the people read as miraculous. In fact during this period Beppe Domenici worked in Bozzano for the Apice shoe factory for which he created all the advertising campaigns.