BEPPE DOMENICI – Painter and Sculptor

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10/2008 – Beppe Domenici’s sketch donated to the Carnival museum of Viareggio – Tuscany

October 23, 2008 
The sketch of the wagon ever made from the title Eperno immane degenere was donated to the Carnival Museum in Viareggio, near the Citadel of Carnival.

A sketch by Beppe Domenici a painter, sculptor, set designer, ceramist, writer, as well as a magician of papier-mâché and professional art, is added to the collection held in the Viareggio Carnival museum at the Citadel of Carnival.

In the gallery that houses posters, models, scale reproductions of allegorical floats to retrace the history of the Viareggio Carnival since 1873, thanks to the donation made by the artist who died last May, the Beppe Domenici project of a wagon is also exhibited. never realized with the title Eperno immane degenere dated 2000, donated to the Carnival Foundation a few months after its disappearance.

Author and creator of urban projects such as the fountain on the seafront of Viareggio in front of the Royal Hotel, Beppe Domenici was also an artist of the Viareggio Carnival of which he remembers the Follie wagon of progress (3rd classified) in the edition of 1952 that Domenici had for the first time pulled by a tractor to replace the oxen. A craftsman often of particular constructions such as Senza parole (1970), which depicted Picasso at work in modern and unconventional works, Something to Save (1968) with a gigantic and novel Noah intent on saving, as well as animals, even the Italian architectural works such as the Tower of Pisa. The last work brought to parade was the opening complex dedicated to Pinocchio for the 1981 edition.

The Carnival Foundation is committed to enhancing the cultural heritage of the Viareggio Carnival – declares President Giovanni Maglione – welcomes the work donated by the Domenici Family, which represents a further contribution to the representation of the great history of the Viareggio Carnival.