BEPPE DOMENICI – Painter and Sculptor

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09/2010 – Exhibition Beppe Domenici “L’arte non e’ un instante”

The exhibition : ART IS NOT AN INSTANT organized by CulturArte Beppe Domenici, curated by Cecilia Ci in collaboration with the daughter of the artist Gabriela Domenici, wants to remember, two years after his death, this multifaceted artist from Viareggio.
The exhibition will be held in the hall of the Santa Teresa Art Gallery in Fano from 18 to 30 September 2010.


Beppe Domenici, born in Viareggio on April 5, 1924, a painter with fauve tones – expressionistic and intense colorist alternated his pictorial production with that of ceramist, set designer and sculptor, not forgetting his contribution to the prince event so dear to the viareggini and not : the Carnival of Viareggio. The event is composed of a corpus of 25 paintings, his paintings range from the marine Versilia, the hostess of Miami, from the jokes of the clowns to the dialogues of the masks of the Italian Commedia.
His works are present in private and public collections, a large number is located in many foreign collections where he carried out his activity.