BEPPE DOMENICI – Painter and Sculptor

Welcome to the online anthology website of tuscan painter and sculptor Beppe Domenici

03/2014 – First Beppe Domenici Award, Acquiterme, Italy

End of the closing Carnival parade on March 9th 2014:
Prize winners of the wagons and groups registered with delivery of the 1st trophy “Beppe Domenici” to the most artistic wagon. The SOMS Acquese and the Committee in fact dedicate this Carnival 2014 to the figure of the late artist Beppe Domenici, master of the papier-mâché in Viareggio, well-known artist, ceramist, set designer; remembering the work done for the spa town in the years 1980-82 when he was called to hold courses for the design, modeling and production of works in papier-mâché, a period in which Domenici also realized designs, paintings, scenographies and other plastic works now preserved in some Italian and foreign museums.